We urgently need to reimagine society if we are to contain sociopathic leaders

We are in a moment of deep institutional breakdown. Climate change, environmental degradation, marked increases in inequality, the rise of populism, rising geo-political tensions, and ongoing religious and ethnic conflicts provide clear evidence that current social institutions are not optimal, either for human flourishing or for addressing global challenges. Over recent decades, the culture within many organizations – in politics, economics, business, media, education and so on – has changed to fit the sociopathic profile of narcissists and psychopaths, granting them enormous influence over our societies and making sociopathic values the norm. Our current moment of deep transition, as well as being a time of danger, presents an opportunity for positive renewal. For such positive renewal to occur, however, existing social institutions must be critiqued and re-imagined based on a shift from values of hierarchy, inequality, coercion and private gain, toward values of equity, cooperation, and public good. This new paper explores what this might mean in practice.


1 thought on “We urgently need to reimagine society if we are to contain sociopathic leaders

  1. Excellent article. Very forward looking. Refreshing.
    I have included the following paper that is as positive.
    An Examination of Mental Time Travel and Its Role in the Development of Foresightful/Prudential Intellect Parlar, Ugur

    Keep up the great work. Cheers, John

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