How Dangerous Personalities are Destroying Democracy

We are living in the age of the narcissistic leader. In this talk Ian Hughes explains how leaders with dangerous personality disorders – psychopaths and those with narcissistic and paranoid conditions – are rising to power and destroying democracy.

2 thoughts on “How Dangerous Personalities are Destroying Democracy

  1. This talk has caused me to think of the kind of transformational leadership that is needed in my context. Mainly, toxic leaders are capturing the minds of many who are unable to think critically about the assertions that are peddled on both sides. Even the “rule of law” is seriously compromised. I need to work on creating an appetite for the kind of thinking that would nurture collaboration across party lines.

    • Thank you Vedawattie for watching the video of the discussion at the launch of my book Disordered Minds and for your kind comment. I agree with you that we need to think more deeply about the kinds of leaders we need to reduce the polarization in society and to restore people’s trust in democracy. Unfortunately many leaders today are bringing us in the opposite direction.

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