Book Excerpts

Disordered Minds: How Dangerous Personalities are Destroying Democracy

Click below to read excerpts from my new book Disordered Minds which has just been released. The book can be ordered by clicking on the image at left. It explains what we know about dangerous personality disorders, how people with these disorders cause so much of the world’s suffering, and how we are struggling to wrestle power from this minority in order to create a more humane world.

Dangerous Personality Disorders

Lessons from the Tyrants of History

Democracy as Defense Against Dangerous Disorders

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1 thought on “Book Excerpts

  1. Excellent insights expressed here, yet one concern I have is the potential to, as one example, classify a person psychopathic who may only have some characteristics. Also, in my over 25 years in 12 step recovery I’ve seen many people’s personalities change radically in many impt characteristics “from bad (psychopathic) to good” – with the persons’ working a daily recovery program (whether from compulsive use of drugs, sex, gambling, etc).
    I have only begun reading this, so I realize my concerns may be addressed later in the work, and I do greatly appreciate this forum for this impt topic.

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