Welcome to the USA: a place where bad ideas never die

This article was first published on Open Democracy Transformation.

Watching from Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the United States seems like a ‘Fall of the Soviet Union’ moment in history. The ‘Fall of America’ moment we are currently witnessing – with world-leading infection and mortality rates and a disastrous lack of federal leadership – is of a different nature. It can be understood, not as the end of a bad idea, but rather as the pyrrhic victory of a whole set of bad ideas long present in U.S. culture which have grown to define the country in the last few decades.

It is hard to look at this list of terrible ideas without seeing a nation in terminal decline. Looking on from Europe, Trumpism has revealed the U.S. as a place where such ideas never die, and his Presidency is a disaster because it is based on a coalition of people who passionately believe in them. Continue reading here.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the USA: a place where bad ideas never die

  1. Many thanks for this.

    I have had the letter below rejected by all the major UKnewspapers.

    Best wishes,



    Dear Letters Editor,

    There is much in the news about the effects of Corona virus; little about the cause. The Chin ese are blamed for originating it but the Chinese cannot be blamed for the fact that it has travelled like wildfire round the planet. The blame for that lies with us.

    Our species abuses nature in all its aspects. We cut down the forests, we debase the topsoil and empty the seas. We abuse animals to extinction and we pollute the atmosphere. We do not look at the causes of Coronal virus because that would mean we would need to change our entire way of life. We would need to learn to live in harmony with nature rather than using it as a throw-away resource. Corona virus has caused many tragic deaths. Much worse could be in store for us if we do not view this virus as a timely warning that we must change our ways.

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