Defeating Donald Trump might be the easy part. Uprooting the toxic movement he represents could take decades.

Despite the deep hole he’s in, Donald Trump could still win re-election, as we are constantly reminded. If he loses, some observers warn, there could be considerable trouble, even violent resistance. But perhaps the biggest problem facing us in the medium-to-long term is what happens if Trump loses. In particular, what do we do to undo Trumpism? Not just to counter the destruction Trump has wrought, but the decades-long preconditions that made his election possible, if not almost inevitable.

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1 thought on “Defeating Donald Trump might be the easy part. Uprooting the toxic movement he represents could take decades.

  1. Good article, particularly Elizabeth Mika, who truly ‘gets it’. The main problem was the focus on Trump and the Republicans – they’re symptoms of a disease of a wider political elite, a disease that has spread across society. That disease is just as rampant in the Democrats. The national hysteria that Lobabczewski writes about in ‘Political Ponerology’ has as its root cause the blocking out of uncomfortable truths. Both parties do that. Whilst the Republicans might deny climate change, for example, the Democrats are just a little bit cleverer in acknowledging it but not putting their money where their mouth is (e.g. big cars, jetting off on holidays etc.) All in all there’s little difference between the Dems and the Repubs except in presentation. No structures will fundamentally change if Democrats get into power. And the Democrats have just as pathological individuals in their elite as the Republicans, but better hidden. The apparently charismatic Bill Clinton was sky-high in psychopathic traits, whilst Biden is a creepy girl-sniffer (you can see him in action on YouTube) who might or might not already have dementia. One of the basic preconditions for pathocracy is the inability to see pathological people for what they really are. Both Democrats and Republicans score high on that.

    The article mentioned ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commissions’. What both the US – and the UK – need are ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commissions’ that address a wider range of inequalities than just racism.

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