Trump’s Angry Narcissistic Fog is a Threat to Democracy Everywhere

Trump’s campaign forcefully reminds us that psychology is central to politics. Despite the so called ‘Goldwater Rule’, which prohibits psychiatrists from commenting on a public figure’s mental health without having personally examined the individual and received their permission to do so, dozens of mental health professionals have issued stark warnings that Trump suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. Aside from Trump’s personal attributes, evidence to support this controversial assertion can be found in the defining characteristic of Trump’s campaign, namely the angry narcissistic fog which he has brought down upon America.   Continue reading

Message for Publishers – Seeking Publisher for ‘Disordered Minds – How Dangerous Personalities are Destroying Democracy’

Trump forcefully reminds us that psychology is central to politics. Yet the discussions around both Brexit and Trump have yet to cohere into any meaningful insights into the role of the individual psychology of the leading actors or the mass psychology behind these momentous events. My book ‘Disordered Minds – How Dangerous Personalities Are Destroying Democracy’ deals precisely with these issues and helps us understand how democracy is in danger of being trumped by fascism.   Continue reading

Trump’s Victory is Not Democracy in Action, It is Democracy in Crisis

Donald Trump’s victory is a major blow to western democracy, delivering as it does the most powerful position on earth to a man who clearly demonstrates personality traits that many psychiatrists and mental health professionals have warned are consistent with narcissistic personality disorder. Trump’s most divisive acts during the election campaign are consistent with someone who suffers from this serious emotional and mental disorder. As the UK Guardian newspaper points out, by electing someone whose behaviour is consistent with this severe disorder, Americans have done a very dangerous thing, and because of what they have done,the world faces dark, uncertain and fearful times.    Continue reading

Donald Trump is not an accident but the culmination of long-term trends.

Donald Trump is not an accident. His rise to power has occurred at a time of profound global economic and political change, when the very nature of capitalism itself is in flux and the spread of democracy around the world is undergoing a dangerous reversal. This context is vital to understanding how a man who has made fun of people with disabilities, and called women fat and immigrants rapists, might still be elected President of the most powerful nation on earth.    Continue reading

Stalin’s Gulag – The Geography of Soviet Slavery

This… was not written ‘so that it will not happen again’, as the cliché would have it. This… was written because it almost certainly will happen again.

                                                                Anne Applebaum, Author of Gulag: A History

The Gulag is the most poignant expression of the psychopathic nature of Stalin’s regime. In 1922, just five years after the Bolsheviks had seized power, there were already eighty-four camps dotted across Russia. Faced with the vast numbers of prisoners they had arrested in the first decade of Soviet communism, the Politburo passed a resolution in 1929 officially establishing a network of corrective labour camps for ‘the colonisation of [remote] regions and the exploitation of their natural wealth through the work of prisoners [1].’  Continue reading

Mao’s Long Shadow

Our political system continues to produce human rights disasters and social crises, thereby not only constricting China’s own development but also limiting the progress of all of human civilization. This must change, truly it must. The democratization of Chinese politics can be put off no longer.

                                                        Charter 08 for Reform and Democracy in China

Following Mao’s death, the CCP changed direction dramatically. Mao’s ideology of permanent revolution, which was responsible for decades of violent chaos, was replaced by a doctrine of ‘social harmony’. The Party gradually abandoned communism and enthusiastically adopted state capitalism, ushering in decades of unprecedented economic growth.     Continue reading

Understanding Democracy – The Importance of Human Rights

Our modern system of democracy can be seen then to be comprised of six pillars, each of which acts as a defence against the abuse of power by pathologically disordered leaders and elites. Political participation through democratic elections and direct participation of citizens in government, the rule of law applied equally to all, Constitutional constraints on the power of government, a prohibition on the imposition of state sponsored ideology, social democracy to ensure social stability, and finally the protection of fundamental human rights through international law.  Continue reading