Did Psychopaths Play a Role in the Financial Crisis?

I recently had the pleasure of listening to author and journalist Joris Luyendijk in conversation at the Dalkey Book Festival about his book Swimming with Sharks. Joris is an inspiring example of a journalist fulfilling a role that is essential for the health of democracy – dispassionate enquiry into the abuses within the financial system. The following post is my summary of Joris’ main findings in Swimming with Sharks, as well as a suggestion for something important he may have missed…     Continue reading


It Isn’t Just Politics That’s Broken

Over the past three decades, as power was being sucked upwards, it wasn’t just politics that was being damaged. The foundations of our democracy were also being undermined. This guest post on ShiftingGrounds looks at how the pillars of liberal democracy have been subverted by the very politicians whose job it is to defend democracy. Continue reading here…

photo credit: Maia C via photopin cc

photo credit: Maia C via photopin cc