Democracy as a Defence against Tyranny

The foundations of our modern system of democracy were first put in place in ancient Athens. Athenian society was never fully democratic in the way that we would understand a democratic society today. Slavery remained widespread, women were never allowed to participate in political affairs, and the elite who were eligible to take part in the democratic decision-making processes of the state never made up more than ten percent of the entire population. Despite these shortcomings, the Athenians established some of the fundamental principles of democratic government.   Continue reading

It Isn’t Just Politics That’s Broken

Over the past three decades, as power was being sucked upwards, it wasn’t just politics that was being damaged. The foundations of our democracy were also being undermined. This guest post on ShiftingGrounds looks at how the pillars of liberal democracy have been subverted by the very politicians whose job it is to defend democracy. Continue reading here…

photo credit: Maia C via photopin cc

photo credit: Maia C via photopin cc

Ian Hughes interviewed by Rob Kall on Bottom Up Radio

19 September 2013

Ian has a big picture and a detailed understanding of how psychopaths have caused incredible damage, suffering and pain… and he has solutions.                           Rob Kall, Bottom Up Radio Show                                                 

Ian Hughes was interviewed by Rob Kall for the Bottom Up Radio Show to discuss a world damaged by psychopaths, and to explore some answers.

Rob Kall Interviews some of the world’s smartest, most dynamic people on his Bottom Up Radio Show with the goal of getting them to share their wisdom and knowledge and to stretch their vision. His guests have included Arianna Huffington, Joseph Nye, Greg Palast, Noam Chomsky, Ethan Zuckerman, and Douglas Rushkoff. The show runs 9-10 PM EST, 6-7 PM Pacific on AM 1360 in the United States in the South New Jersey and metropolitan Philadelphia area on Wednesdays.

Rob Kall is also executive editor and publisher of one of the top 100 blogs overall, according to

Concluding the show, Rob gave a strong endorsement of Ian’s forthcoming book Imperfect Design, saying

“This is such a brilliant book, pulling together a big picture like no other books on this topic I’ve seen.”

You can listen to Ian’s interview with Rob Kall here