Why Are Men More Violent Than Women?

In the fight between good and evil, men more often side with evil than women do.

Whether it is in acts of personal violence such as rape or murder, or group violence such as rioting, gangland murders or war, men play a role far that far exceeds that of women.

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Empowering Women Reduces Violence

The global struggle for gender equality is not only about justice. Women’s equality is an essential precondition for the reduction of violence and greed in our world.

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Cultural Tyranny

The biggest danger to our rights today is not from government acting against the will of the majority but from government which has become the mere instrument of this majority…. Wrong will be done as much by an all-powerful people as by an all-powerful prince.

James Madison

When psychopaths and people with other dangerous personality disorders hold power, the result is political tyranny. Continue reading